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Breakfast - Easy, Healthy & Satisfying

Good Morning.

You've managed to wake up, but its time to deal with breakfast, usually in a rush. Trying to fit it in after waking up, getting ready and getting to work on time!

It is always a case in my house of wanting to be healthy, its just having the time or the energy in the morning can be the challenge. That was until I started making porridge. I'd thought that it would be a dull breakfast, same everyday and would just not be very exciting for the extra effort over a bagel.

So, what are the options. Here is my menu of porridge options, always vegan!

Organic Porridge Oats, jumbo if possible, paper bagged and from the UK. This is the main ingredient, there isn't measured amounts for this, it is too early for that.

Option 1: Porridge with Himalayan Salt

Option 2: Porridge with Berries

Option 3: Porridge with Fruits

Option 4: Porridge with Nuts

Option 5: Porridge with Honey

The key part is the cooking, it shouldn't take more than 3/4 mins cooking time, everything can be prepared with the following:

1 x Pan

1 x Knife

1 x Spoon

1 x Bowl

1 x Chopping Board

(Chopping board and knife are not needed with most options, only for fruit)

Perfecting the cooking. Everyone has a different take on their porridge. I've found there to be suitable versions depending on the topping. I've found the most filling to be the least cooked. It has much more texture, holds the flavour the oats and feels like more of a meal. My current preference is sliced apple covering the top of the bowl. Keeps it fresh, filling and full of vitamins.

The other option I can't refuse is the much more traditional porridge option. It was favoured by my scottish side throughout the generations, admittedly I've adapted it slightly. Simple, Organic rolled porridge oats with himalayan salt to top it off. Together the pink salt and the oats replenish almost 100 minerals required by the body.

Vegan #porridge is easy, it is actually easier than regular porridge, easier to clean after, less waste and far healthier. I began this recently after finding Soya milk a bit disappointing and leaving an odd film across my breakfast. Its simple, so simple. Boil filtered water in a pan, add oats, stir on a low heat until cooked to your satisfaction. The gentle boiling water should release the oats flavour throughout the dish and allow for a #vegan, healthy breakfast. It's cheap, easy, super healthy and with the #Himalayan Salt will be adding nutrition to your body.

Please see my follow up posts for tips and tricks to a healthier lifestyle, mindset and outlook with simple steps that we can all do. Please adapt all information to your own life and in a way that works for you. Thank you for reading, feel welcome to share, post and tag all posts with #TheGoodSaltCompanyLife.

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