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Chermoula Vegetarian Kebabs with Halloumi.

Anything with halloumi is a win to me, it calls me home and when I see an option for halloumi on a menu it is instantly chosen. So this one works perfectly for myself, hence why I feel it is something to share!

So key is not to eat the halloumi before serving it, I struggle with this so always cook extra!

Chermoula Ingredients:

250g cups cilantro,

1 Small Red Onion (roughly 130g) ,

50g cup parsley,

230ml olive oil,

1 Lemon (juiced),

5g ground coriander,

5g smoked paprika,

5g Himalayan Chilli Salt

5g Himalayan Garlic Salt


2 Large courgette

1 Bell Pepper (Yellow)

200g Halloumi Cheese


Mix the Chermoula ingredients together in a food processor. Process until thick, textured paste, use the parsley as a threshold, it should be visible as parsley pieces and not a smooth paste.

Allow this to sit, covered and at room temperature, whilst preparing the skewers.

Cut the vegetables and cheese into 1.5cm pieces, mix this with the Chermoula and allow to marinade for 35 - 45 mins. Do not refrigerate as I find it causes the mixture to separate.

After marinading, thread the marinated veggies and cheese onto skewers, alternating the vegetables and cheese as you wish.

Prepare your barbecue and allow the fire to settle into embers. Our rule is to avoid using any unnatural fire accelerant as this can flavour and be adding potentially harmful chemicals to your cooking.

Brush the prepared skewers with olive oil and cook until slight charring all over. Shouldn't take more than 5- 10 mins. Remove from the bbq and service with quinoa or brown rice.

I added some Cherry Tomatoes onto the grill to blister, this makes a nice side and adds an splash of colour and flavour to your meal.

Please see my follow up posts for tips and tricks to a healthier lifestyle, mindset and outlook with simple steps that we can all do. Please adapt all information to your own life and in a way that works for you. Thank you for reading, feel welcome to share, post and tag all posts with #TheGoodSaltCompanyLife.

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