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Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt Sustainability

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

How sustainable can Himalayan salt be?

The Good Salt Company is dedicated to continuing to be ethical, ecologically friendly and producing the healthiest product possible. A large, and very important, part of this is sustainability. So how is Himalayan Salt sustainable and how does it impact the world.

The Mining Process.

The process of mining himalayan salt began back in 326 BC when explorer Alexander the Great had stopped to make camp in the Khewra area. This is now known as Northern Pakistan. It was noted that the horses were all licking the salty rocks. This was the discovery of Himalayan Salt and of the ancient inland sea.

It wasn't until Mughal Emperor Jalauddin Muhammad Akbar brought about a standard for mining salt in Northern Pakistan. It continued to be mined for use by locals until the reign of Emperor Akbar that Himalayan Crystal Salt became a trade product.

Himalayan Salt is still mined without machinery by skilled local workers n family run business'. We buy all our salt through regulated and ethically sourced companies that help the local business thrive. The tourism to the area increased to 300,000 per year to view the salt mines with artistic carvings and historical importance.

The eco friendly element is very important to us, the mining process is completed by hand. There is often concern for pollution by explosives used, however explosives are only used to break through the initial opening. The process of mining by hand is very slow and the use of any explosives is band to avoid damage to the crystal structure of the salt. No wildlife or plant life has been effected by mining Himalayan salt.

Supporting the community is obviously a very important part of the trade link between us. Himalayan salt is the largest agricultural commodity in the country. This brings a large amount of work for the skilled workers who can mine the salt using the traditional methods. The communities built on the salt mining industry has brought in many different aspects of trade from tourism to the product itself.

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