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Local Business: Plawhatch Farm

Plawhatch Farm's fantastic diverse range of produce, ethics and quality. In this post we go through the sectors and specialities of this fantastic farm.

A fantastic charity run biodynamic farm based in Sharpthorne, East Sussex, with a stunning 200 acers of beautiful land (farming up to 500 acers) on the edge of Ashdown Forest.

Throughout the last 30 years the ethics of Plawhatch Farm has been steadily growing and currently has a fantastic farm shop, a wide range of organic products, own grown produce, milk, yogurts, cheeses and a wide range of other products to cover all day to day requirements.

The dairy is a special resource, a weather dependent system and a process that allows the natural rhythms of the cows. A large sector of Bio-Dynamic farming is using the manure to fertilise pastures and the whey from the cheese making is valuable food for pigs & chickens. The flavours of the milk often reflect on the seasons and the weather. Their aim is to minimise any processing, minimise any waste and ensure the raw milk products are available in traditional glass bottles to reduce any waste.

Plawhatch farm's fantastic butchers run two days a week, processing all their own pork, lamb & beef produce, occasionally sourcing from Tablehurst farm when required.

All produce has minimal travel, with a majority reared on site.

As a fantastic community Plawhatch farm is a core to learn from. Their pricing is such that all prices reflect the true costs of farming, allowing for re-investment and development of future sustainability.

We are always keen and excited to work with local business. If you have a product you make with our salts or a local shop, farm shop or deli that would like to stock our range of Himalayan Salts please contact us or comment below with details.

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