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Local Business: Rowdy & Fancy's Himalayan Chocolate.

Rowdy & Fancy's is the first of our local business section on our blog, we've been speaking with owners of business' and finding out more about these inspiring local companies.

We are honoured to have our Himalayan Salt in the Simply Salted Dark Mini Chocolate & the Simply Salted Milk Chocolate bars!

Rowdy & Fancy's are based in Forest Row with a goal equal to our own, high quality, full of flavour & pure. All of their wide range of milk, white and dark chocolates are entirely free of any artificial ingredients. The chocolate base is imported from Belgium with the coca beans sourced from Africa.

If you take a look at the ingredients in these its brilliant, everything is exactly what you'd expect.

It is always a comfort to be able to understand the ingredients of a product. After meeting Annys, who's been head of Rowdy & Fancy's from January 2017, I instantly knew she cared, knew and is truly passionate about each element of the business. Putting in the extra effort to work with local business, such as ourselves for the salt in these bars, and experimenting with flavours such as the stunning Coffee Cardamom Mini Bar or even Sweet Rose Mini Bar.

The flavours are incredible, explore the range on their website: http://bit.ly/2EmqwyH with Free Shipping on all items its not something to miss!

The beautiful paper & card packaging completes the experience, its premium & has a lovely spot gloss on the logo.

Overall we couldn't be prouder to have our salt in their beautiful chocolates. I also have to confess, the chocolate boxes in the photos are empty, I couldn't stop after the first bite!

We are always keen and excited to work with local business. If you have a product you make with our salts or a local shop, farm shop or deli that would like to stock our range of Himalayan Salts please contact us or comment below with details.

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