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Local Business: The Seasons Forest Row

The Seasons Forest Row has been a staple of my life, its a fantastic health food shop, zero waste options, local bakery, strong local business support and extensive dietary range of products to suite any requirements. The diets don't end at food, a full range of ethical home products are also available in their two story shop at the core of the village community.

The Seasons has been around since 1971, and since its open it has been a core of the village life. We have very proudly stocked our full range in their shop for many years now and is a loyal stockist. Recently moving their two stores in the village into one larger double story building.

The growth of the business into an ever growing and refreshing stock, everything in the store is ethical, trust worthy and a wide range of interesting options. There is never an issue with diets, everything you could require.

The staff are caring and know the products, plus there are many exciting taster days, often with small businesses offering the chance to learn the back story to the products.

Offering a diverse range of easy lunchtime snacks, extensive range of fresh vegetables and healthy salads are some of the nicest most flavoursome I've found.

They've recently added the new zero waste range of products, making it even easier to follow the reduced waste life style. If not with the food, with all of the home products. Refills are available for all home necessities. It is easy to shop in The Seasons and not have to worry about the concerns of the ethics, ingredients or quality behind the products.

If you are looking for a new store or you are searching for a diet specific lifestyle, this is the place to visit.

We are always keen and excited to work with local business. If you have a product you make with our salts or a local shop, farm shop or deli that would like to stock our range of Himalayan Salts please contact us or comment below with details.

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