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The Many uses of Himalayan Salt

Himalayan salt has many benefits, it can be consumed in many ways and can also help the very practical side of your home.

Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt has more benefits than just its wide range of health advantages. This includes helping with the damp in your home. Himalayan Salt naturally absorbs when exposed to damp or humid conditions, this is often released when the temperature cools, occasionally causing puddles. Salt lamps are brilliant! The light element fits into a cut out in the base and the heat from the bulb, similar to a lava lamp, warms the salt and enables it to absorb more moisture from the environment. This then begins to grow, slowly, more crystals and can even encase its base. The colour of the light through the crystal salt lamp is also beautiful, a very warm colour that can make any room feel cosy and homely. It is also claimed to help absorb room odours, I've found this to help in the kitchen whilst making it very welcoming with the colour.

Now to the health benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt.

Himalayan salt provides 82 trace minerals naturally occurring in the body, these are often lacking in western culture due to the nature of our diets. Very few foods contain the minerals found within the salt, lacking the minerals can often lead to a weary feeling, aches in muscles and especially headaches. Using pink salt in your diet is a quick and effective way to assist your body recover from day to day wear and tear.

It is also a very useful recovery tool, so many minerals are lost through sweat, using Himalayan salt in pure water as a drink can help your body recover much faster after exercise. These can include even relaxing exercises such as Yoga or a gentle run. The minerals help with physical recovery from muscle build to energy balance and can help avoid the low later on in the day, helping you get on with your day ahead.

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