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The Perfect Sunday - Step 3 A Dinner, A Cosy Sofa and a Comfort Film.

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

So how do we finish off this Perfect Sunday? It's time to relax, eat good food and settle down for a good film.

It is time to get dinner started, your going to want to make something interesting, tasteful with a strong health kick to finish off a healthy days eating. We've been working on a beautiful, simple, quick roast salmon dish, recipe to follow here soon.

This is a very simple, rammed with flavour and very filling meal. It takes around 45 mins and involves very little effort. Whats even better is you only need one baking tray for the entire dish. This recipe will be available soon!

Now you've begun dinner theres some spare time to fill. For this I've written out a little guide called 5 minutes to productivity, this will help with mindfull, healthy tips to help keep your head clear of Monday's worries and allow yourself to focus on the pleasure of time to relax. Don't forget to comment below with your own tips, routines, recipes or recipes you'd like to see featured. However in the meantime foods ready. Go, enjoy.

Salmon finished, it is now time to settle into the sofa, watch a film, fall asleep and settle into Sunday evening.

A safe bet is usually to watch a film that will inspire you, a slight health kick or help set a goal. This also helps you feel productive whilst relaxing! Begin to find films that feature a goal that relates to you, or a place you want to go to. Watch the film but keep little notes, I suggest keeping a small notebook beside the sofa. This allows for nonintrusive note taking and those great ideas you have are ready for a suitable time.

Please see my follow up posts for tips and tricks to a healthier lifestyle, mindset and outlook with simple steps that we can all do. Please adapt all information to your own life and in a way that works for you. Thank you for reading, feel welcome to share, post and tag all posts with #TheGoodSaltCompanyLife.

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