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The Perfect Sunday - Step 2 Productive But Relaxed.

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Some Sunday evenings can be quite difficult, especially if your dreading Monday Morning Routines. Sometimes it feels like you've wasted your day, your weekend and it can all catch up. This is how we turn it around and make a Sunday the best day to make sure you feel rested, healthy and ready for the week ahead.

Should we lay in? Yes, sometimes, and with everything in life a suitable balance. If you've had a late night a little extra sleep won't hurt but keeping your body in a natural sleeping pattern is key to a clear mind. I've always been an early riser, I'm quite content with being up at 5:30/6:00 am without much effort. The key bit is just getting up when you wake up, getting things done right off the bat, cleaning around the house, preparing the perfect breakfast (see Perfect Sunday Step 1 by clicking here) and the subtle but important part, suitable music.

The soundtrack to your day can really help with motivation, getting thinking and looking forward to the day. I like to plan my day, I often find Instagram and seeing people idealised lifestyles can be negative on comparing yourself to an unrealistic life. So don't use it to compare, use it to inspire your day. Look through some suitable hashtags such as #MorningWalks or #Walks take a look, see what peaks your interests and note it down. What is important is to do something that your doing just for the moment, not for a social media post.

So you've had a look through Instagram, you've thought about the places you've always said about going and its a rare day you actually have the time free to do so. Heres 5 essentials to take/consider to make sure your day goes as planned.





#Camera (Not Phone)

Healthy Snacks,

I often use Frozen grapes, Roasted Chickpeas, Avocado Crackers or Peanut Butter with Banana. These all work as great boosters for when lunch is too far away and the hanger is beginning to kick in.

Comfy Clothes,

We've all been there, you've had a top that you thought fitted fine, or a pair of jeans that now just don't feel quite right. It's one of the things that can ruin a relaxing day out. Key rule is to double test the clothes, do some stretching in them, see how they fit and if they are how you recall. Always sacrifice some style in favour of a comfortable days walk. I always use Active/sports clothing and it is designed to avoid getting too warm and often has a stretch to fit well.


This isn't news, this is just logic, staying hydrated is a large part of having a clear mind. It can avoid headaches, cramps and aids muscles as you use them. Try not to use bottled water, lots of plastic bottles contain BPA, often found to contribute to a selection of negative impacts on life. I use a Filter Bottle, found in most shops and available widely online.

Suitable Shoes,

Sometimes we haven't always got suitable shoes for something that may get mucky, friends are often happy to lend boots or wellies, and getting mucky is likely. If your walking a long distance or through rough terrain always wear boots with good support, it can save your ankles. We've all been wearing shoes that we haven't wanted to get mucky, it gets stressful!


What often happens is you see a beautiful photo on Instagram and then when you take one on your phone it looks less impressive. Take time to learn your camera, its automatic modes are there for a reason and can help get the settings right for the different scenes. The Camera doesn't have to be expensive, for example I use a Canon 550D, I've had it since 2011 and I've taken countless photographs on it. A used one in good condition sells for around £170.00 in the UK and can make the difference in even the most simple photos. Looking through a camera lens is so much more involving than tapping on your phone screen and avoids distractions from social media.

It is important to have a goal for your day. You've had a lovely breakfast, a relaxing walk connecting with nature, being productive taking beautiful photographs, some downtime from screens and it is now time for a good hearty tasteful late lunch/dinner.

Please see my follow up posts for tips and tricks to a healthier lifestyle, mindset and outlook with simple steps that we can all do. Please adapt all information to your own life and in a way that works for you. Thank you for reading, feel welcome to share, post and tag all posts with #TheGoodSaltCompanyLife.

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